8 ways to Enjoy the outdoors

I love the outdoors!  Besides the occasional allergies that plague my poor eyes, nature is the best place to be, especially during the summer.

Now here are some ideas of how to improve your attitude on life, your mood, your social life, or even check off something on your bucket list by simply getting outside.

1. Go Fishing

I don’t want to hear “I don’t know how.” Be pro-active, find someone you know who fishes and they will be happy to teach you. This was my 1st year fishing for salmon and I caught a 2 foot pink salmon!


2. Go hiking

This one is much easier.  If you are blessed with health and a pair of shoes hit the trail and start walking. But don’t keep your head down.  Enjoy the scenery.

3.  Go camping

Camping is generally a bigger investment having to buy a tent, sleeping bags, stove, etc.   Camping provides many memories..  Hopefully none involving bears.


4. Go to the Ocean (or body of water close to you)

Water has a calming effect.  Even if you choose not to jump in, enjoy your surroundings and just soak it in.


5. Run or walk a 5k, 10k or even a marathon

Participating in these types of events is always a great way to feel a part of something, a cool way to help a charity, all along getting to enjoy some fresh breeze. It’ll surprise you how rewarding this will be.


6. Go on a walk

Whether it’s with your dog, your llama, your friend, or your spouse take a nice stroll.  Get out of the house.  Breathe the fresh air that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

7. Watch the sunrise/sunset

Just a couple months ago my wife and I woke up early and watched the sunrise. What a peaceful experience. It truly is a special moment that happens every day but we have to put forth the effort to be able to see it.

8. Look at the stars

The stars are just…there.  But it really takes our mind off the hectic lifestyles we live.  Ponder the mysteries of the universe.  Think of who else has seen the same stars.  Look up at the stars with someone special.



I’m confident that as you go outdoors as I have, your social life will be more satisfying, your mood will improve and you will find joy in what’s around you.  I know, because I have.  I hope you do as well.




One thought on “8 ways to Enjoy the outdoors

  1. Great advise Matt…I love being outdoors in Poland…but the heat and humidity can make being outside not always enjoyable. I think if you find the right time of day…one can find something to always enjoy outside!


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