8 ways to Get the most out of 99 cents

What can anyone get for 99 cents these days?

I remember in the mid ’90s I could buy a 2 Liter of soda, 3 or 4 candy bars (depending on the sale), and I could even buy a cool army pencil sharpener.

But that was 20 years ago.  You can’t even get those now. Right?  Let’s talk.

1. Redbox

I know It’s a little over the 99 cents but still, what is it $1.29? The point is it doesn’t take 12 dollars to see a movie! My wife and I take advantage of this deal all too often. Just don’t forget to return it or it’ll turn into 4 or 5 dollars.

2. Clif Bar

If you haven’t heard of them, Clif bars are an organic, healthy granola bar.  You can even get them for less than 99 cents each on amazon.  They are moist, filled with a good amount of protein (10 g I believe), they give you good energy and they taste good.  A perfect snack for the go!


3. Buy (or even make) a card for someone who really needs it

I married into a “card” family where they keep the card companies in business and it’s the sweetest thing to receive one. Do you know someone who just had a husband pass away? Someone who’s going through a divorce? Someone who just found out they have didn’t get accepted into the college they wanted? Just knowing you care might just make their day.

4. Go to the dollar store and have fun picking your favorite item

It might sound lame, but this has been a fun idea.  Playing with all the random toys and guessing how many years the candy has been in the store always makes for a hilarious night.  Try it out.  I’m curious to hear the stories.

5. Go to garage sales, carry only 1 dollar and see what you can get

It’s surprising how much people are willing to let things go for a good price.  “Will you take a dollar for this bicycle?” If nothing else, the look on their face might just be worth it.

garage sale

6. Buy a burger for a homeless person

I’ve never done this, but I’ve put together PB&J sandwiches and chips and have given them out to people in need.  After all we’re commanded to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

7. Give the money to a little niece or nephew

Sit down with them and teach them the value of a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.  They may remember you were the one to teach them the value of coins with this little object lesson. I remember my older brother Eric would let me count his big jar of coins.  He also taught me all the states and capitals when I was a little one.


8. Buy a Frosty

This is my favorite.  Let me tell you why.  The night I met my wife I offered to buy her desert.  Wendy’s was close so we decided to head over there.  To the slurping of frosties we got to know each other just enough that I was able to get her number.


Best 99 cents I’ve ever spent.

6 thoughts on “8 ways to Get the most out of 99 cents

  1. I still get a 2 or 3 liter soda for 99 cents and I can sometimes get 3 candy bars. Just gotta look for the sales 🙂 My favorite thing though is the 99 cent drinks at McDonalds. Ice cream is one of the best things for 99 cents too.


  2. I find a chore age appropriate for my grand-kids. (i.e., pick up the play yard, take the trash out, wash the few dishes I have left in my sink) They aren’t much, or difficult, but the joy they get from helping “Mimi”, and then the dollar they receive
    for completing the chore…..now that’s priceless!


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