8 ways to Be a better Home and Visiting teacher

You’re sitting in church, head down, looking at the time.  It’s been a long 3 hours since you arrived and your thoughts wander to the big presentation at work tomorrow, feeding the 3 kids while your wife goes to work after church, and on top of that the masters program demands a 35 page paper due in a few days.  You’re stressed.  But before you’re able to slip out, you’re greeted by a smile and a handshake.  You’re asked to visit some families at church during the month.

How can I possibly make time for this? Don’t they respect my busy schedule?

What you don’t realize is it’s a commandment and a lifestyle that Jesus Himself practiced.

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.-Mark 16:15


He commanded us to preach not only to those who lack the Gospel, but to every creature. That includes strengthening those who know it and live it already.

Here’s 8 ways to be a better home and visiting teacher.

1. Love them

Visiting families grudgingly will not benefit anyone involved.  It’s an opportunity to sacrifice your time and be a little more like the Savior.  Get to know them.  Their names, their interests, their goals, and their needs.  You are the Lord’s hands.

2. Serve them

I recently had a wonderful experience in which the family I visit each month needed help moving.  Asking what they needed was the first step. Without this they may not have asked for any help.  Making myself available was necessary.  Doing it with an positive attitude was the final step.  If you serve just as Jesus did you will find happiness and become more like Him.


3. Befriend them

Become friends with those whom you visit. When you see them at church talk with them about their work.  Ask them about what’s new in their lives.  Be genuinely interested in them. You will find that when this occurs you will be excited to see them rather than feel an obligation to visit them each month.

4. Invite them over

Whether it’s for dinner, a barbeque, or a movie invite them over for a couple hours.  It shows that you care about them and want to make a connection. One of the men that visit me each month invited me and my wife over to his place.  We talked and laughed and it really meant a lot to us.  Getting out of our comfort zones and inviting is necessary to live the Gospel He preached.  Love thy neighbor as thyself

5. Teach them

Share personal experiences and support them with scriptures that relate to help them.  Invite them to make commitments.  Whether it’s praying specifically for something they are in need of or committing them to have family prayer, it will brighten their lives.


6. Encourage them

Encouraging the family you visit to keep the commandments of the Lord will refresh their memories of the commitments they have made.  Uplift them by inspiring them to do good, to keep a Christ-centered home. You will make a difference you won’t completely understand.

7. Remind them

Emphasize the importance of the promises they have made to follow Jesus Christ.  Go over what his body and blood represent.  Remind them of the basics of the Gospel.  Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and following the whispering of the Holy Spirit. Remind them that they are a son or daughter of God will divine worth.


8. Pray for them

Don’t just let it be a visit a month and forget about them.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and the love for them will follow.  Don’t just do your home or visiting teaching.  Be a home or visiting teacher.  That’s when you will feel a portion of God’s love.

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Simple as that

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