Your body isn’t yours

Recently, my wife and I watched a show that delves into the “different”.  This particular episode struck me as it portrayed the most pierced person in the world. Announcing she created over 8,000 holes in her body, my jaw dropped.  I didn’t find myself judging or looking down upon her, but I felt sorry for her, actually. I wondered why she chose this lifestyle.  I was reminded that my body isn’t mine.


The world, ever since the 1960s, has increased its push in society that your body is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.  From free love, to tattoos, to alcohol and drugs. The belief that I can do what I want to my body because it’s mine and it won’t affect anyone else is simply not true.

Why is society attacking our bodies?  One of the main reasons God sent his children to this earth is to gain a physical body and be tested on how we would use them.  Would we spend time serving others, sacrificing our time for the benefit of our brothers and sisters? Or would we defile our bodies through chemicals, poisons, and addictions?

I’m here to say your body isn’t yours.

Let’s take a step back.  Whether you’re into cars or not, imagine this.  Imagine you’re in your absolute favorite, most expensive car you can think of. Now imagine it’s yours.  Put your hands up to grip the steering wheel.  Feel the power of the engine and you push the pedal down.  Now you wouldn’t put milk in the gas tank, would you? You wouldn’t poke holes in your car, would you? You wouldn’t just let anyone drive your car, would you? You’d take care of it, getting regular oil changes and check ups in order to last. You would wash it and take care of it.


God has given you a physical body as a test.  Will you permanently scar your body in the name of art?  Will you put poison into your body until you pass out and your liver starts to fail? Will you insert chemicals directly into your blood to feel good for an hour? Will you degrade women for your own lust? Will you eat just to feel good rather than to give you energy for the day?

Your body isn’t yours. You’re worth more than that.  You deserve to be free of the chains that will entangle you when you succumb to addiction or to the trends of society that mark you up into something you aren’t.  You are a son or a daughter of God.  You have divinity in you.


19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.
-1 Corinthians 6:19-20


The trends of the world will change. That’s certain. Society will try to teach us at that our bodies are ours and we can do as we please. But God’s standards haven’t changed. His standards will always remind us that our bodies are His.

8 thoughts on “Your body isn’t yours

  1. Man I love this! Great example with the car 🙂 I think this is much better way to explain to someone why we don’t tatoo ourselves etc then just saying our bodies or temples. But simply because our bodies belong to God. Thank you!


  2. Wish I’d know just how sacred our bodies really are before I got into addiction. I found the church years afterward and I’ve got so much to correct!


  3. If your body’s a gift given to you, then it is yours. God’s not a good gift giver if he gives you something and then says, “Oh, but hey, it’s not really yours, though.”

    The concept that your body isn’t yours so we have the right to judge what you do with it is really disturbing to me since I view respecting everybody’s autonomy as an essential part of ethics.

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  4. Wait… is your chart saying “God’s standards” and “Society’s standards” were equal at some point in the past? Put a year on it, man! 1950? 1850? In what year will the red line hit 0 and go into the negative?

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    • Let’s hope it’s not 1950 when segregation was legal, the KKK was at it’s peak, marital rape was legal, and anti-LGBT violence was common.

      I mean, I guess we haven’t come too far ourselves now that I think about it, but still.

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  6. i enjoyed reading this article…not only the church standards but there are few employment that wouldnt hire due to the scar on your body. Iam a military brat so we travel alot, i had a close freind who was also a military brat but during her high school she put a tatoo on her neck. right after we graduated, she wanted to go to the military but she got denied cuz of the tatoo. I guess, her family didnt have strict regulations for just greatful for seminary to be part of my life growing up so, i didnt make the wrong choice 🙂


  7. I love that scripture! I’ve used it to teach about modesty. It is so helpful to me to think of my Spirit as the steward of my body, which Christ’s atonement paid for. So technically yeah, it’s “mine”, but I wouldn’t have it if Christ hadn’t played His part in God’s plan. So the least I can do is follow God’s commandments and treat it as best I can! Bodies are a beautiful, powerful tool that need to be treated with respect.


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