8 ways to Make a Mormon roll their eyes

We’re used to being persecuted and attacked.  Lies have been told about us ever since the beginning of the Restoration of the Gospel.  But 184 years of misconceptions? This is long overdue so let’s put them to rest.  Or at least try.

There’s nothing that makes Latter-Day Saints more prone to roll their eyes than some insensitive comments that tend to be common misconceptions. These rumors and comments make it hard to share truth when so many people are only hearing the lies. Here’s a short list of the ones I’ve heard so far.

1 “How many Moms do you have?”

Polygamy is a part of church history.  That’s what it is: history. There is a sect of Mormonism that broke off and took a different path and still practice polygamy. That isn’t the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I only have one Mom, thank you.


2. “The Bible said not to add anything to it.”

A majority of The Book of Mormon occurred before Christ or during his life.(same time as the Bible)  So that argument doesn’t even stand. The Bible is a collection of writings by Prophets around Israel and The Book of Mormon is a collection of writings by Prophets who traveled to what is the modern day Americas.

3. “Mormons can’t have caffeine”

This statement is silly and is a misconception of what is true.  Mormons eat chocolate and some drink caffeinated drinks including Coke and Pepsi.  The idea of The Word of Wisdom (the law of health) is to be a guideline.  It doesn’t lay out what and what not to eat except in a general sense.  The only specific avoidances are coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

4. “You wear special underwear”

This comment can be not only ridiculous to Latter-day Saints, but offensive. We wear sacred reminders of what we promised to God in holy temples. Similar to Jews wearing yamakas as an outward reminder of their devotion to God, we choose to wear these reminders under our clothing. This video is a great explanation of the temple garment. I really enjoyed it.

5. “You aren’t a Christian”

I get it. It’s not a mainstream sect of Christianity. But it is Christianity, all the same. The name of my church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was baptized in His name, I pray to God through His name, I have faith in Him, I repent of my sins because of His sacrifice, I give blessings of healing through His name and countless pictures of Him are in our churches and hanging right here in my home. I believe my Savior lives and he’s the same Savior that you love.


6.  “Why do you worship Joseph Smith?”

No one has ever claimed to worship him. For example, a common hymn in our church is titled, “Praise to the Man” but this song is merely giving reverence to a prophet who paved the way for the restoration of Jesus’ church. It’s not praising him in the sense of worship. God simply continued His pattern of calling a Prophet to reveal His word to His children. He was similar to Samuel in that he was called as a Prophet as a youth.  He was similar to Isaiah in his prophetic statements.  He was similar to many prophets in that they died for their beliefs. But he will never replace God.  We worship Heavenly Father.

7. “Why did your church force you to go on a mission trip?

It’s not obligatory, but is strongly recommended.  I’m sure glad I went. I was fortunate enough to help bring many people closer to Christ by assisting them in giving up addictions and repenting of their sins.  I also met wonderful people that I still keep in touch with. There is something special about giving up two years of your life to give back to the one who gave you life. The Gospel is so important to us that we want to share it with others. Another important thing to note is that we defend the freedom and the right to worship and believe in whatever religion one wishes to believe. We don’t go on mission trips out of a lack of respect for the religions of others, but simply out of a deep love for our own and the desire to share the good news.


8. “Where does it say that in the Bible?”

The Bible is the word of God and we believe in it.  However, many truths were removed by wicked people so modern revelation is not only nice but necessary for our understanding of Gospel truths. I’m sure grateful God revealed His word to other prophets living on the other side of the world(The Book of Mormon).   And we believe in a Living God, not a God of the past.


What are some eye-rolling comments and questions you’ve heard? Let’s hear, comment below!



20 thoughts on “8 ways to Make a Mormon roll their eyes

  1. I spoke at a friendly conference at a Southern Baptist church and was asked why Mormons do not believe in going doctors/dentists. Hmm…I don’t think I could count on 4 hands how many LDS doctors and dentists I have met over the years. One of my Elder’s Quorom President’s once wrote a prescription for me when I had pneumonia. Shame on him 🙂


    • I am a doctor, a woman and a Mormon – gasp. I have heard that Mormons don’t go to doctors/dentists and that they keep women oppressed. Nope to both. And I know many Mormon doctors, some that are women.


  2. “It’s not a mainstream sect of Christianity. But it is Christianity, all the same.”

    I disagree.

    Jesus Christ is the definition of mainstream Christianity so His Church that He organized in ancient times and restored through Joseph Smith is mainstream Christianity. How much some person or other church disagrees with His Church is the measure of their distance from mainstream Christianity.


  3. You forgot this one: Mormons are a cult. There are so many definitions of the word (“cult”) that we could say that about nearly anyone including atheists and non-christian religious groups. The most commonly used definition definitely describes us and all other Christian religions: “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.” (From Google Dictionary). If Jesus is considered a “particular figure,” then all practicing Christians are cult followers.


  4. In high school a kid on my bus found out I was a Mormon and asked me how many moms I had. I looked at him kind of funny and said “one, how many do you have? He quite sheepishly replied “two”. We bacame friends after that but is was kind of funny.


  5. On my mission in Russia, we were accused all the time of being spies or CIA agents. I mean, yeah, we wore suits and most of us were Americans, but what kind of a spy wears a name tag and chases down civilians to talk to them about God?


  6. 1. While not part of your current life, this doesn’t go away for three reasons. One: so many mormons have ancestry with polygamy. Two: Many spin-offs from mormonism claim to be the true followers of the religion and still practice polygamy. They also get a lot of media coverage so the mainstream LDS mormon gets lumped in. Three: The church still teaches that polygamy will be the “norm” in the life after. Not just the norm, but the requirement see D&C for reference. This teaching in the D&C is why the other Mormon spin-offs claim that main stream LDS followers are part of the wrong religion.

    2. Agreed, kinda… Revelations was not the last book added to the bible. Each of these books in the bible are also separate entities so the claim is for the book of Revelations, not the bible. When the bible was put together it was done so chronologically thus making many of the books out of order. Really your reasoning here has nothing to do with the claim and sounds more like a plug for the BoM. It would be quickly dismissed by another religion as lack of understanding (even though they lack understanding). The one caveat is that Joseph Smith added to the book of Revelations when he made his translation to the Bible. The typical claim is to say that it wasn’t translated correctly, but if that is the case why would God have had John write that famous line of no adding? It is within His power to maintain the truth of His word. This argument can at best end in a draw (both sides not believing the other). Joseph added to it…

    3. This isn’t silly. It was until very recently (Hinkley’s interview) that the caffeine was explicitly given the green light. I don’t know how many people I have met over my life that felt the ban on tea and coffee was due to the caffeine. I have heard it taught at church as well. Saying it is silly is from your perspective. My parents still don’t drink caffeine even after Hinkley’s interview. This is also not the first time in the LDS church’s history that the importance or item list of the word of wisdom has changed. Up until the early 1900’s it was only a recommendation and was not required to be followed for temple attendance. It also states that drinks made from barley and oats (such as beer) were fine. Beer was made and consumed during the early church and those people still were considered followers of the word of wisdom. I don’t know why it has changed over time, I just know it has.

    4. You do wear special underwear. One shouldn’t take offence at the truth unless it is intended to be an offensive remark. The ceremony where the garments are explained talks about how they are special and can be a shield for not only spiritual but temporal events. I’m not sure why people are so touchy about them. Humanity in general doesn’t like different. It makes them curious or uncomfortable. I also believe that part of the world’s obsession with Mormon garments is directly related to the Mormon’s obsession with the garments. The “Eternal Smile” has always been a way to identify members in “good standing”. It is just as odd for a Mormon to wonder what underwear I’m wearing as a non-Mormon.

    5. You are not a Christian by the standards of “Christians”. In the main religion of the world and many of its branches you are not Christian because you don’t believe in the Trinity. You discount their beliefs by saying they don’t believe in the restoration, they discredit yours by saying you don’t believe in the Trinity. You are twisting their definition of “Christian” to fit your needs. You don’t believe in the Trinity, the Trinity is a required belief to be part of a religion that includes over three billion people, therefor you are not Christian. By your definition (we believe in Christ as the son of God) you are Christian, but because you believe God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are separate people are you are not Christian according to the dominant religion of this planet. It is silly to make such distinctions, but that is part of a different argument. Needless to say, by the beliefs of Catholics, you are not Christian no matter what you say.

    6. The main reason this happens is because of how many parts of the LDS church work. Perform this experiment yourself several times. When you go to church, mark how many times Christ is mentioned vs. Joseph or another prophet of god. This can be wildly different from one congregation to another and has slowly changed since this accusation has surfaced, but the results might surprise you. This is perception from an outsiders view. They don’t perceive the meeting has you do. They simply hear Joseph’s name more than they hear Christ’s name. This is especially true of missionary efforts by the church. It isn’t hard to see why outsiders believe this and frankly I have been part of some wards where it was true. I get it isn’t the focus or even necessarily the intent, but it happens.

    7. Your first sentence confirms the statement. Strongly recommended. When you are taught to do something your entire life you don’t have as much of a choice as you might think. Keep in mind this is again someone outside the LDS church looking in. What they see is repeated teaching to young minds to perform an action that they find over the top. This is “forced”. If your family expects you to go, if you were taught for 3 hours every week to go (church, scripture study, family home evening, etc…), and even your girlfriend expects you to go than you really were not given a choice. How many times is a young woman told within the LDS church to marry a faithful return missionary? Your very ability to marry who you want is consciously or subconsciously tied to you going on a mission. I understand you can always say no, but we both know that isn’t how human psychology works. Forced is a valid claim.

    8. Most every teaching in the BoM can be found in the Bible. This is actually a chief complaint of many skeptical religions of the Mormon faith. The LDS faith claims it contains “many plain and precious truths missing from the Bible”. Yet even if you go through and search LDS.org for what that means you don’t get much. There are a few talks on the subject, yet many of the things they pull up are in the Bible. The Trinity is spoken of as much in the BoM as it is in the Bible, perhaps more so before all the revisions to the BoM. Most of the dogma that would prompt this comment would stem from either the D&C or the Pearl of Great Price. Both the D&C and PoGP have some pretty glaring issues if you research them and I don’t wish to get into them. There are plenty of resources available for those who wish to know more both from lds.org and out of lds.org.

    Needless to say this article is trite. It doesn’t do much more than reaffirm your own beliefs and seeks to make the claims of non-believers seem trivial (hence the title of the article), which is insulting. For those in the faith it will bring warm fuzzies to their heart to read another’s words reaffirming their belief. To those who disbelieve the LDS faith it will reaffirm that member’s lack understanding of their own religion and refuse to think critically. To a typical investigator it will sway them either direction they already feel. To an investigator that is really looking for truth, it will turn them away.


    • Are you for real? If so, what is your purpose in this comment? Simply to be argumentative? I could sit and argue with you, but it would be pointless. This article is talking about “8 things 2: Make Mormons Roll their eyes. They’re not talking deep doctrine, or whether people have reason to say these things, just that they make us roll our eyes! Common misconceptions that make us shake our heads…


  7. Joseph Smith was a prophet. Not with his record he isn’t. You’re a prophet when you get things RIGHT. Joseph got over 80% WRONG. Which is about what anybody would get making stuff up about the future.


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  9. When I went on my mission, I was excited. I never felt forced. It was a privelege to serve and represent Christ. It was also the result of the priesthood covenant I had freely chosen.
    At no point in my 40 years of membership have I ever been forced or felt pressure to do anything. It has all been a result of my decision to be baptized and to take upon me the name of Christ.
    I am very grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a strong testimony of the Restoration, through the Spirit, through study, through prayer and through experience.
    The Garment of the Holy Priesthood is a symbol or token of sacred covenants made in the Temple. It does offer protection, as long as we keep our covenants. Rather, the protection is of God according to our faithfulness.
    I do not worry about being called un-Christian. The Lord himself declared the world to be in apostasy and the creeds-such as the Nicene-to be abominations.
    The Book of Mormon is the standard of truth by which the Bible is judged, not vice-versa. While many doctrines in the BOM are found in the Bible, they are found in greater clarity and spiritual impact in the BOM. I find the teachings of Nephi, Alma, Amulek, Benjamin, Mormon and others to exceed their Biblical counterparts.
    Mormon’s teaching on childhooh baptism is without parallel. The BOM is the greatest book on earth.


  10. Haha, this list made me chuckle! As a kid growing up in Missouri, where the LDS church wasn’t huge and most kids didn’t know who “Mormons” were…I heard a lot of these. I used to get pretty upset, especially when those asking the questions would tell me I was wrong after I answered them. But now, they do just make me chuckle a little. If people actually want answers, they will listen, and if they don’t, it’s pretty easy to tell and end the conversation before it becomes an argument.


  11. You forgot that we have a tunnel under the Salt Lake Temple that leads to London, where we steal virgins… depending on who you ask to either force them to be polygamist wives, or to throw them off the top of the Salt Lake Temple into the Great Salt Lake (someone’s pretty strong).

    There’s also our brainwashing helmets.

    In addition to your answer to #2 about adding to the Bible, my husband jokes that we should respond with “I didn’t know you were Jewish,” because the same verse is in the Old Testiment! (Can’t remember which book)

    The worst that I have ever seen was when I was watching the news and they mentioned Mitt Romney’s magic underwear… and then at the end of the broadcast they promised they were going to ask Harry Reid to know more about Mitt Romney’s religion. Talk about eye roll!!!


  12. Karen O’Dell: I think you want Deuteronomy 4:2 “Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”


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