This time of the year is the most difficult for me.  The weather starts to get dreary and dark.  The leaves start to fall, showing nature’s change from an animated energy to a dormant sleep.

An excerpt of a poem by Sar’s “Leaves” shows how this time of the year can be bleak and remind us of death.

Leaves die every year.
They will have to eventually disappear.
They slowly lose
their color and brightness.
They cripple down along
with their dying dreams
and aching aspirations
to become inspirations
for lovely paintings.
They dry up,
all moisture is gone.


The cool mist I feel against my unshaven face at night reminds me of years past, losing loved ones. My sister Natalie in November of 2012 and my Father in-Law, Papa G just last December.   It’s a time where sickness is rampant–the flu, colds, and feeling crummy all around. Whether or not you’ve lost loved ones in the fall you know this time of the year holds emotion filled memories–both fond and haunting.

School’s back in session, an exciting time to start new friendships and learn new concepts.  Transforming into something we’re not for Halloween, spending special time with family around Thanksgiving, and celebrating the birth of Jesus for Christmas.  You either undoubtedly delight in this time of year or dread it, for whatever reason.

It takes more out of you to frown and cry than to smile. Laughter overcomes everything the Devil stands for: Anger, Sadness, Depression.


Positivity is a healing medicine that no doctor or nurse can prescribe for you. It surely is a choice.  Reminisce about the “good times.” November is a perfect time to sit down and gather what you’re thankful for. If you read this I challenge you to comment with what you are grateful for.  If you’re on twitter use #imthankful. I will start.


5 thoughts on “#imthankfulfor

  1. I’m thankful for being able to read inspirational messages like this and being reminded of all that I have now, and knowing that the best is still yet to come. 🙂

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  2. This may sound a bit confusing for most to understand, but I am grateful for hitting “ROCK BOTTOM” last week.. I was shown how when I thought I was all alone I really was not. yes, family may have been continueing there Halloween planning, working, laughing with others, having NO phone calls to just say hello, or maybe I love you.. but, God was always there to help and push me through the darkest time I feel I have ever had in my life time:) God Is good!! Family may be forever, but God is there now to help us through those times when we may feel hopeless! NOW is when family should be there for one another, may it be when one is sick, or one is just needing to know they are loved!!!! I AM GRATFUL FOR MY DAUGHTERS! Kayla and Ashley are and always will be what makes my heart beat!!


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