Worth more than Gold

It’s worth more than Gold.

Millions have claimed a claim so bold.

This masterpiece written for our day.

Witnesses of a living God if you’ll pray.

Come look, and see

What the Savior would want you to be.

If like Parley P. Pratt, you’ll skip a meal.

Then I promise you’ll feel.

The Spirit of the Lord

Witnessing the true reward.

Of a together forever with family

The Gospel is true with clarity.

Come step in the water and feel all clean,

It’s okay you can still have caffeine.

Then go serve a mission

And baptize, having been commissioned.

All that matters is that you listened to a voice

And made the most difficult choice.

To read a holy collection of writing

And continue the inviting.

This is a book that will remold

I know it’s worth more than gold.

GOLD (2)

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