New Year’s Resolutions don’t work

It’s that time of the year.  Christmas decorations are still up, you’re exhausted from staying up til midnight to see the new year, leftovers from the holidays are dwindling, and recent memories of being with loved ones makes you smile.  It’s a time of reflection. What did I get done this year? What do I need to change?

Everyone is posting their New Year’s resolutions with determined minds to be someone they want to be.  I think the idea of it is admirable, but I’m here to say they don’t work.

New Year’s Resolutions are backwards and unrealistic.  It’s like a beginner runner saying I’m going to run a marathon this year.  You might be thinking what’s wrong with that? Well after having set many goals and failing many of them not working out are due to an unrealistic goal or my heart may not have been in the right place.


If I wanted to run a marathon this would be what I would set for myself.

1. Jog 3x a week.

2.Once I’ve been able to do that for 2 weeks then up that to 4x a week.

3. Once I’ve accomplished that goal then I’d aim to run a 5K without stopping.

4. Once I’ve accomplished that then I’d aim to run 3 5K’s in a week without stopping.

5. Then up it to a 5 mile run without stopping.

6. 5 mile run 3x a week without stopping.

7. Up to a 10K run without stopping.

8. Run a half marathon (give yourself a break to jog or walk)

9. Run 15 miles without stopping.

10. Run 18 miles without stopping.

11. Run 20 miles without stopping a few times.

12. Rest before the marathon.

13. Complete the marathon.

That is how goals and accomplishments should be looked at. You are sure to fail if you only look at the end accomplishment (The New Year’s resolution).  If we want to lose weight this year then look at it a similar way.


In stead of saying I want to lose 20 pounds (10 Kg) in 2015 set smaller goals.

1. Learn about nutrition, calories, how much of each food group Is beneficial.

2. Do not take any pills or supplements to boost your metabolism.

3. Make a menu of healthy foods you like while avoiding fast food.

4. Introduce more fruit into your diet: Week 1.

5. Introduce more vegetables into your diet: Week 2.

6. Minimize artificial and processed sugar (cakes, cookies, soda)

7. Implement an exercise program( run, walk, swim 3-4x a week)

8. Set small realistic goals.  Lose 1 pound (0.5 Kg) in 1st week. Lost half a pound each week there after.  The year is a marathon not a sprint.

These are just 2 examples of New Year’s Resolutions that when changed into small realistic, measurable goals can and will work if you put your mind to it. I wish you the best new year.  Post what your end goals are along with smaller goals to encourage others and be accountable.

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