8 ways to Keep motivated

Motivation stems from the interest in or enthusiasm for someone or something.  If you find your motivation lacking then it’s time to look inward.

Why do I not find interest in school anymore?

Why am I not so enthusiastic about going to church anymore.

Why am I not interested in my New Year’s resolution only a few weeks after making it?

1. Think of why you were originally interested in the topic.

To keep the fire burning we may need to remind ourselves why we choose to do what we do.  In my case I’m less than 6 months away from completing my degree in Nursing.  I find days where I ask myself why I chose to do this when some of it feels like pulling teeth.  I love aspects of it, but others makes me cringe.  The root of my passion for Nursing is to love and care for those who cannot care for themselves.  Because of this it makes it difficult to give up, because people years down the road are counting on me right now.  It might give you that drive if you make that your mindset.  But what if your job or career isn’t so “helpful.” I promise you it is.  If you are a garbage man, a police officer, a janitor, or a farmer you may not get the appreciation you deserve.  Do what you do 100% and know that everyone needs what you do.  Focus on providing for yourself and your loved ones.  No job or career goes unnoticed in the eyes of your spouse and children who rely on you.



2. Write down micro goals

Let’s say you were motivated to keep fit for the new year.  Right now you’re tired and don’t feel like going to the gym. If you write down small goals for yourself you will feel responsible and accountable to yourself.  Write down you want to get your heart beating for 30 minutes a day for 3 days out of the week.  If you fail to do that, then lower your goal until you can maintain it and then raise the goal until you stretch yourself.  You will keep yourself motivated and moving forward.

3. Focus on the future

If you’re having a difficult time with school or you’re having issues with family or friends focus on the future.  Take a deep breath and think of how this will help you in the future.  Is it possible to gain a bachelor’s degree in college without going through high school first? That is a way to keep motivated toward future goals and aspirations.

4. Put adequate time in

If you find yourself unmotivated in a certain area of your life ask if you’ve put enough time into it to foster growth. Let’s say you find yourself unmotivated to go to church anymore.  You tell yourself people are rude, it’s too demanding, and you feel you don’t get anything out of it anymore.  Ok, put more time into it.  Spend time studying the scriptures.  Spend time serving other members of your church.  Spend time evaluating what more you can do to motivate yourself to find joy in fellowship.  Sometimes we get stuck in a rut in life and we need something to spark that again.  Time may just be that spark.

5. Empower yourself

You may just be going through a difficult and stressful time in life and you don’t feel like doing what you normally are passionate about.  Take care of yourself.  Empower yourself through healthy eating, relaxation techniques, go on a mini vacation, enjoy more sleep, and meditate.  The world is so busy that you may feel like giving up.  Slow it down and give yourself a break.  It’ll be a much needed reset button where you can start all over and find that passion.

6. Serve

If you feel demotivated in a person then serve them.  Does a friend, spouse or loved one just irk you to the point where you feel like giving up? It may be one of the most humbling things you’ll ever do, but serve them.  This will make you think less about yourself and show that you do love them.  I did this once when I was upset and not having positive feelings towards someone.  I served them by working on their lawn and it was healing.  It changed my attitude in the long run towards this person. You should try it.


7. Make a chart

If you find yourself wanted to do something daily and you just don’t seem to prioritize enough to do it, make a chart.  Charts make you feel accountable and when you can put a check or a smiley face on each day you do it you will be more likely to not only do it but continue it as a habit. This has helped me in the past with reading scriptures.

8. Make a list of how it will improve you

If you’re at the point where you’ve been working at getting your driver’s license but you’re unsure of yourself, make a list of how having a driver’s license will improve your life. That will be motivation to work hard and get it.  This can and will work towards anything.  If you’re finding it difficult to continue working retail as a cashier think of all the qualities that you will gain as you work.  You learn patience, hard work, communication, team work, sales skills, and the value of money.

Keeping motivated is difficult and takes work, but assessing what should be tossed aside and what should be held onto will make all the difference.

2 thoughts on “8 ways to Keep motivated

  1. I feel as if I am motivated but find it hard to do things sometimes because I am maybe just going through a difficult time in my life. I wish that little voice in my head saying you haven’t done enough or not really doing an ything would stop


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