Why I don’t worship The Cross

Some of my first memories as a 4 year old boy consist of my dear Mother teaching me stories of Jesus.  Using a flannel board she would rearrange the pieces and teach me Bible stories.  The story that stood out the most was Jesus hanging there on the cross.  In my little mind at the time I didn’t fully understand why the Jews and Romans would choose to do this but undoubtedly I felt the Spirit witness to my little spirit that He was the Son of God.  Yet, I still choose not to worship The Cross.


The Cross is the universal symbol for Christianity around the world.  This is understandable because it reminds us what He did for us, yet I prefer the Fish or even more personal, the empty tomb.


The Cross to me has a confusing connotation.  It’s not something I dwell on as who Jesus was.  Just as ours deaths will not define who we are, I don’t think the cross should define the Savior.  I do however honor what He went through for us and the choice He made to allow His enemies to inflict pain and eventually cause His death.

This weekend we remember His suffering in Gethsemane and The Cross, and His eventual resurrection.  It is a somber yet joyous time of the year.

We could use The Cross which represents persecution, endurance, and the price it takes to be a believer of Christ.  We could use the fish which has multiple meanings, one of which are what Jesus said to his followers “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Great joy comes from sharing the message of Jesus. Or we could focus on the empty tomb.  Because His body and his Spirit reunited it is a gift to every man, woman, and child that has ever lived to also be Resurrected unto life. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And He is the one I worship.

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