3 Ways to Experience Miracles while serving a Mission.

I was fortunate enough to serve a mission under the direction of a forward-thinking Mission President. He was always coming up with ways to keep us motivated and excited about the work.  Under his direction we created pamphlets that involved members and missionaries together. We created a book mark that answered Questions of the Soul for investigators, made a DVD that taught how to do simple missionary work, but most importantly he taught us the mission motto.

Faith + Hard Work + Obedience = Miracles


President Steven Mann of the South Africa Durban Mission from 2007-2010 came up with it and frankly I believe every mission in the church should use it.  And here’s why.

For a missionary coming out of the missionary training center, I knew the lessons yet I wasn’t confident.  I was unsure of myself.  I saw myself as a young man and not as a spiritual giant with the potential to change lives.  I saw missionary work as noble, necessary, and difficult.  I wasn’t as optimistic as others I looked up to.  I saw myself as a realist who might maybe help a few people in the 24 months of service.

The motto helped me realize that I not only needed to believe I would make an impact, but I needed to work harder than I’d ever worked before and to follow the mission handbook.  And then I would experience the joy of miracles.  Miracles of families choosing to be baptized, of men choosing to stop smoking, of hearts softening for no apparent reason.

When you enter the mission field you will experience nervousness, uneasiness, and doubt.  But with the influence of the Holy Spirit it will amaze you what you will accomplish. You will love the people with whom you serve more than the fear of rejection and doubt.  Your faith, dedication and obedience will cast a light that others will trust and open their hearts to.


Faith is praying for a specific family or person with a specific goal in mind and believing God will help make that happen. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” -James 2:20

Your faith will lead to action when it’s genuine.


Hard work

Hard work is waking up at 6:30 even when your 19 year old body tells you to sleep in.  Hard work is offering service when your body can’t take it anymore. Hard work is knocking doors when you’re homesick. Hard work is being selfless and dedicated in finding those who are ready to hear the gospel.



Obedience is following the rules because you know they are there for a reason.  No matter how silly the rule.


In the mission handbook it instructs “If you play basketball, volleyball, or another sport, do not allow the situation to become intense or competitive. Competitive games easily lead to injury or fatigue, which interfere with the work.”

I didn’t follow that as I’m a competitive person.  Another missionary and I were playing soccer and we both went for the ball and the next thing I know this Elder’s foot hit my shin instead of the ball.  The next morning when I went into the doctor he immediately knew I tore my ACL in my knee.  I was told I would likely have to return home on a 30 hour flight for the surgery.  I was fortunate to learn there was a skilled doctor who could do it nearby in Durban, South Africa.  The lesson I learned? Obey.

The mission motto still lives in me today. I hope it will change others like it has me.

Faith + Hard Work + Obedience = Miracles

That is truly when miracles will happen.

What miracles have you experienced by following the mission motto?

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