Why marrying a convert was the best decision of my life


marriage_2I’m part of the Mormon stock that people joke about.  You know, the kind who comes from polygamy decent, has 7 brothers and sisters, was born in the church, had 100% seminary attendance, and followed in the footsteps of his 4 older brothers who went on missions.  One distinguishing fact about me is I’m not from Utah, but just on the other side of the mountains in Denver, Colorado.  I’m your average, ordinary brown hair, brown eyed Mormon returned missionary who had to find his transition between being saturated in missionary work and becoming a productive member of society…



8ways2: Strengthen your Eternal Marriage


templeShe was born in Everett, Washington.  He in Denver, Colorado.  Despite different circumstances, God led them to the same university in a small Idaho town. He saw her across the restaurant and asked to buy her dessert.  An hour of conversation and laughter passed and he was lucky enough to get her number.  The time soon came when they knelt across an altar in the Salt Lake City temple to promise themselves to each other and to God for eternity…



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