Missionary Work

Why you should Stop trying to do Missionary Work


yodaEver since the beginning of humanity we have been doing Missionary Work.  Throughout the Old Testament it is filled with Prophets leaving the comforts of their homes to tell people there was something greater.  It is a commandment given directly and plainly by our Master, Jesus Christ when He said “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” It continued on when Joseph and the faithful Saints left their families and homes to share something that was worth leaving family over.

It is clear that Missionary Work is a part of the gospel and will continue on.  So why should I stop trying?



8 things NOT to say when sharing the gospel


8Thingsnottosay1. “I can’t _______”

As Latter-day Saints there are some things we shouldn’t eat, or do, or watch. But that’s the thing. We shouldn’t. It’s not that we can’t. We are choosing a higher path.  Saying “I can’t drink alcohol but if I weren’t Mormon I totally would” shows little faith in the revelations God has given us.  Consider saying “I choose not to _______.” Because in reality, that’s exactly what it is…readmore

What Jermaine Sullivan, the bishop from Meet the Mormons, had to say about missionary work


Bishop Sullivan_children“Do I need to bring a towel?”

That was the question Jermaine Sullivan asked the missionaries when he decided to be baptized. I laughed when he told me and that let me know right away that I’d chosen the right “Mormon” to interview.

If you’ve seen the new, inspirational documentary Meet the Mormons you get the opportunity to step into the lives of 6 people who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…


Why you shouldn’t go on YOUR mission


whyshouldntgoonyourmission2Missionary work is difficult and daunting.  Exhausting and endless, it seems.  But that’s not the point here.

How many of you have heard a returned missionary utter this phrase: “When I was on my mission”?

When this happens I often think to myself “your mission?”…readmore

8ways2: Be a missionary without realizing it


baptismSweat dripped down my temples as I walked under the blazing African sun, 10,000 miles away from home.  I reached into my back pocket, grabbed my handkerchief and patted my forehead dry.  Elder Mohale and I guessed the temperature as we walked to our next appointment. The humidity and heat was all worth it because we were on our way to help a man with his smoking addiction…readmore

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