When you receive a church calling you’re uneasy about…

On multiple occasions I’ve been extended a church calling in which I felt inadequate and unsure of myself.  At times I see myself as more of a follower so when I was asked to be a counselor in the Elder’s Quorum I was flat out unsure. Unsure of myself and the calling.  But how I chose to handle it made all the difference. When receiving a calling the options include:

A) Accept the calling without question because that’s what you believe.  Callings are inspired and no matter how you may feel it will be a growing experience and it’ll be a time for you to humble yourself and serve others.

B) Talk to the person who extended the calling and try to reason why it may not be the best fit.  It may because of work situations or current home life or even because of personal reasons why you don’t feel adequate to fulfill the position.

C) Don’t accept the calling because you feel unworthy or that leaders aren’t inspired or for whatever reason you don’t believe you can successfully fulfil the calling.

D) Accept the church calling because you want to appear righteous but you don’t fulfil the duties of the calling because you lack the faith or action to do so.


When Jesus approached Peter and Andrew while they were fishing was that not a calling? A calling to drop what they were doing and serve.  Do you think it was a comfortable process to have less time in their careers and less time with their families? Undoubtedly Peter and Andrew became great disciples and leaders because they chose to say yes and accept a calling from the Savior.  Today we receive callings from the Lord through his leaders of the church that stretch us and make us better, well rounded followers of Christ.  Whether it be a calling in the Nursery, Primary, Scouting Organization or a leadership position we are the Lord’s hands. Will we accept and magnify our callings or will we turn our back to the Savior and move toward our selfish desires and rebellious mindset?


My belief is that church callings are inspired from the Lord through His servants.  So what do you do when you feel inadequate, uncomfortable or even have a sinking feeling about a calling?

Is there ever a good reason to not accept a church calling? You be the judge.

3 thoughts on “When you receive a church calling you’re uneasy about…

  1. there is a major difference between inspiration and revelation. We in the church tend to confuse the two. Inspiration can come from many places. It is difficult to differentiate between inspiration of the spirit and when something else like inspiration due to temporal information (skill-set, desire, etc..) A lot of times, when a person is called, they are called and qualified by the spirit. They weren’t qualified before. Each calling is an opportunity to learn and serve. However, if due to family or work related circumstances you are physically incapable of serving a calling. It is best to discuss those with the bishop. he may be able to help find a way to make it work for you or to release you from the calling. There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they can do something, and so you rely on them, only to find out they just did not have the time, expertise, or desire to actually do what you relied on them for.


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